Sörensen’s success story


The company is founded by Uwe Sörensen. At this point, Sörensen is already successful in the field of hydraulics and performs repairs and maintenance tasks on hydraulic machines and cranes.


Sales of full aluminium and steel tail-lifts with aluminium platforms and capacities ranging between 500 kg to 2000 kg. Besides the assembly of Sörensen tail-lifts, the company also performs maintenance and service on tail-lifts of all brands, as well as for other hydraulic devices for trucks.


Both the company’s performance and the high level of its tail-lifts are extremely convincing. As a result, the headquarters located in the port of Hamburg become too small and the successful company moves to Osterrade 3 in order to meet the growing demand.


Soon, the premises at Osterrade also become too small for the fast growing company. Free land capacities are used to extend the company headquarters and build an additional warehouse and offices, a very modern training centre for customers and staff members, as well as a presentation room for demonstrations and internal exhibitions.


With the acquisition of the Danish tail-lift manufacturer Dan Chief, Sörensen possesses its own manufacturing plant at its new site in Ulfborg. The Sörensen team is also enriched by the incorporation of leading tail-lift engineer, Jens Hermann Jensen. Throughout the following years and thanks to his innovative ideas, Mr Jensen will design many revolutionary product developments, some of which have actually been patented.


Introduction of the patented “X1 technology”. This innovative technology features a spring-fitted lifting arm which ensures that Sörensen tail-lifts always dock horizontally when reaching the vehicle frame, even with an unbalanced load on the platform. This patent designed by Sörensen has been copied by many but has never been equalled in terms of stability and functionality and has contributed to breakthrough the European market with our 2-cyclinder tail-lifts.


The success of Sörensen tail-lifts has reached beyond the borders of Germany. In order to cover the needs of international customers, sales are extended to all of Europe and the United States. France and the States are  important core markets, which are successfully covered by our sales team.


The year 2008 is undoubtedly the year of the “New generation”:

On the IAA truck show, Sörensen is presenting the new generation of payload optimised tail lifts, with its super-light (SL) series. The customers are thrilled by our tail-lift with a capacity of 1000 kg but which only weighs 238 kg (complete weight with a platform height of 1.800 mm). All SL-series systems are equipped with the new generation of control panels. This new control panel is only 5 mm thin and can therefore be mounted at chest height directly onto the vehicle body.


Sörensen revolutionize the 4-cylinder tail-lift

On the IAA, Sörensen presents the X4-Technolgy, the new 4-cylinder series. Thanks to the innovative design, these tail-lifts combine the sturdiness and performance of a 4-cylinder lift with the weight advantages of a two-cylinder device. So, the X4 with a capacity of 1.000 kg elates with a weigth of only 253 kg. Its « big brother » with a capacity of 1.500 kg weighs only from 325 kg, with a loading distance of 1.000 mm ! The reactions on the fair and the following year shows that this was the right moment for introducing these products, to once again rise Sörensen’s market share.

The new foldable tail-lift for small trucks and vans present itself according to the motto « small lift conceals bigger one ». When not in use, the X1A 600F stands folded behind the left rear door, enabling loading and unloading operations without tail-lift. With its capacity of 600 kg and a weight of only 195 kg, this newly developed lift represents a flexible partrner for any operation.


Sörensen wins the Trailer Innovation Award!

The unique Sörensen tail-lift with integrated scissor lift was awarded with the Trailer Innovation Award by the international jury. The lift was selected amongst over 80 innovations and awarded the innovation prize. The jury praised especially the fact that, with this tail-lift, a solution for loading and unloading low vehicles on higher ramps was finally found. Due to the increase of distribution traffic, this occurs more and more and puts the drivers in front of a complicated challenge.


The tail-lift professionals have a new face - Since May 1st, 2015, Dr. Gerd Meyer joined the Sörensen Hydraulik GmbH management team. This machine engineer born in Hamburg brings long years of experience in the field of special machine construction to the company and feels at ease in the technical and the commercial aspects of the business.


Since January 1st, 2016 Mr. Jean-Marc Scheidel is responsible as CEO for the commercial aspects of the tail-lift manufacturer based in Hamburg. Together with Dr. Gerd Meyer, Mr. Scheidel composes the new head of the company. With Jean-Marc Scheidel, Sörensen wins a genuine sales professional, with a long experience in the field of industrial vehicles and who is, with excellent language skills in English, French and Spanish, very well prepared to develop the sales of the company.