New: Tail-lift with integrated scissor lift

On the IAA truck fair 2012, it was the « crowd puller » - our concept tail-lift with integrated scissor lift inspired equally customers, competitors and the specialized press. Because of the tremendous demand for this worldwide unique tail-lift solution, we developed it for serial production in record time. After performing our extensive quality tests and successfully ran it through 80.000 cycles fully loaded, we are proud to present this new highlight of our product range to you.


“Aim high” with a scissor platform

The new Sörensen tail-lift is the ideal Solution for loading and unloading low vehicles at higher ramps. The scissor lift integrated into the platform lifts the load horizontally

up to 520 mm above the vehicle’s edge. This allows to get the load easily onto the platform and into the vehicle. Due to the space-saving design, the platform disappears completely into the torsion cradle when not in use, so that the tail-lift can be used as usual on the ground.

Maximum versatility, minimum weight

The tail-lift is available for vans with a capacity of 500 or 600 kg and for small trucks with body with a capacity of 500 or 750 kg. Both versions are based on our successfull X1 technology, guaranteeing you, as our customer, a payload optimized, powerful and efficient tail-lift. Also, while designing the scissor-lift, we were very careful to keep its weight as low as possible. The result can be seen : The scissor lift raises the total weight of the tail-lift merely about 95 kg !

Ergonomic control at any level

For the driver, controlling a tail-lift on a truck is usually only possible by squatting or bending over, as the control panel is mounted under the low edge of the body. In order to avoid this for our clients, we developped  the Sörensen control panel. It is so flat, that it can be mounted at chest height directly on the vehicle’s body, enabling an ergonomic control of the tail-lift.

All product advantages in one glance:

Weight optimised tail-lift with integrated scissor lift to easily load and unload low vehicles on higher ramps


The platform can be lifted horizontally up to 520 mm above the loading edge of the vehicle


The additional weight for the scissor system is only about 95 kg


 Available with a capacity of 750 kg for trucks and of 600 kg for vans


For more information, please click on the link below:

 Product information for Tail-Lift with integrated scissor lift

Did we awake you curiousity ? We will gladly answer your questions and send you an individual offer for this unique tail-lift solution ! Please call us, we look forward to your request !


How about operating a tail-lift without having to bend over? That’s no problem with the X1A 0750 SL. The standard 5 mm thin control panel can be mounted at chest height directly onto the vehicle body, thereby allowing an ergonomic control of the tail-lift. Read about the easy and comfortable operation of tail-lift with integrated scissor lift

 Operating instructions X1AH 750SL

The new generation of tail-lift controls

Learn more about the unique control panel for Sörensen tail-lifts. All plus points are available by clicking on the following link:


 Plus-point accessories: The Sörensen control panel