X1A3 1000

Ice cold weight reduction!

Your benefit: a real payload increase thanks to its unmatched weight of only 218 kg, with exceptionally high power reserves!

Conventional loading and unloading without using the part lift is possible.

Load security « code XL » as standard

Weighing only 218 kg, model X1A3 1000 features a 1/3 of a platform with a capacity of 1000 kg: it’s an absolute prize for any freezing body. See for yourselves by clicking on the following link to get more information:

 Product information X1A3 1000 




Operating a tail-lift without having to bend over? No problem!  Choose the 5 mm thin control panel as an option. It can be mounted at chest height directly onto the vehicle body and allows an ergonomic control of the tail-lift. More information regarding the operation of model X1A3 1000 can be found on our operation instructions sheet:

 Operating instructions X1A3 1000 

The new generation of tail-lift controls

Learn more about the unique control panel for Sörensen tail-lifts. All plus points are available by clicking on the following link :

 Plus-point accessories : The Sörensen control panel