X1UAM 1500 for trucks

The reliable partner for any application!

Spring-assisted folding and unfolding of the platform.

Quicklock avoids platform back spring while loading.

No system jolting while sliding in and out thanks to hydraulic cylinders.

Fast assembly thanks to 4 bolted clamps.

No welding onto the vehicle frame.

Would you like to learn more about the retractable lift with a capacity of 1.500 kg for trucks? Then please click on the following link:

 Product information X1UAM 1500



An easy and simple assembly is standard on Sörensen tail-lifts. The assembly-time of model X1UAM 1500 is shortened significantly by using four bolted clamps. Furthermore, no welding operations are necessary onto the vehicle frame. For more information, please consult our assembly instructions sheet.

 Assembly instructions X1UAM 1500