X4A 1501

The payload wonder with sturdy advantages:

4-cylinder tail-lift with a capacity of 1.500 kg and an unbeatable weight of only 285 kg

Payload advantage of up to 200 kg compared to similar products by our competition

Loading distance of 750 mm

Super-thin control panel for ergonomic operation when mounted on the vehicle’s body

The revolution amongst 4-cylinder tail-lifts

The main difference with other tail-lifts is that, in the X4, the cylinders are mounted on top of each other inside the lifting and opening arms. On the one hand, this design trick guarantees the cylinders are protected against weather conditions or manoeuvering damages, and on the other hand creates more space for rear lights, trailer assemblies etc.

Furthermore, through intelligent construction and the use of highly modern materials, a payload advantage of up to 200 kg compared to similar products from the competition was obtained.

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 Product information X4A 1501 


An easy and simple assembly is standard on Sörensen tail-lifts. More information can be found on our assembly instructions sheet.

 Assembly instructions X4A 1501




The 5 mm thin Sörensen control panel eases up on your back! How does this work? The control panel can be mounted at chest height directly onto the vehicle body. There is now no need to bend over in order to operate the lift. You can find more tips on how to operate the X4A 1501 on our operating instructions sheet.

 Operating instructions X4A 1501 

The new generation of tail-lift control

Learn more about the unique control panel for Sörensen tail-lifts. All plus points are available by clicking on the following link:

 Plus-point accessories: The Sörensen control panel