Original spare parts from Sörensen

The reliability and high performance of Sörensen tail-lifts is the result of years of experience choosing the right partners and suppliers as well as high quality components. In the event of a repair you should insist that only genuine spare parts are being used! Here are 5 reasons why you should bet on the original...


High quality - long life

Original spare parts from Sörensen are submitted to constant quality controls, in order to meet our high quality standards. Therefore, only high-end components from european automotive suppliers are used. This way, we ensure that you can always rely on the well known power reserves, security standards and low life-cycle-costs of Sörensen tail-lifts.


No unnecessary immobilisation through wrong deliveries

With the 5-digit tail-lift serial number, the Sörensen team can identify exactly which component was built into the device. That way, you will always get the spare part that is needed.


Certificate of conformity remains valid

The certificate of conformity necessary to obtain the operating authorization testifies that the Sörensen tail-lift, fitted with its original components, is in conformity with the european directive EN 1756-1:2001+A1:2008(E). With your decision for Sörensen genuine parts you ensure that this certificate of conformity remains valid and that the operating authorization is not jeopardised.


Short delivery times

Our warehouse in Hamburg features over 3000 permanent references. If wished, your order can be shipped overnight to deliver your parts as soon as possible and avoid costly immobilisations.


Personal advice

Your phone order is treated by trained specialized personnel. If needed, you also have at your disposal the technical after-sales team, which can support you for technical questions and to identify the defective part.


Our spare parts service team can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday, from 7.30 am to 5 pm.
Here are the contact details:

 Spare parts sales by phone