The patented X1 Technology makes it possible: The reduction of components – industrially manufactured only – ensures a very steady high quality level and the efficiency of Sörensen tail-lifts. Furthermore, you can now protect yourself for 36 months against unexpected repair costs on your Sörensen tail-lift with the warranty extension Warranty36.

With Warranty36 you are always safe because...
The warranty time is 36 months instead of the normal 24 months.
One of our 500 service points in Germany and Europe is always close by. We are always there for you!
You increase the resell value of your vehicle and of your tail-lift.
The cost of your tail lift can be calculated for another 12 months.
Warranty36 is very flexible and can be activated at any time within 24 months of your tail-lift’s first operation.
Unbeateably low – our Warranty36 prices:
   Standard tail-lifts up to 1,5 t capacity and folding lifts
100,00 € *
   Standard tail-lifts from 2 t capacity 110,00 € *
   Retractable lifts 130,00 € *
  * Plus VAT.
And this is how easy it goes:
Kontaktieren Sie Ihren persönlichen Ansprechpartner und bestellen Sie Warranty36 für Ihre Ladebordwand.
Pay the invoice amount on stated bank connection.