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It happened just in time for the IAA trucks 2016: The European Patent Office issued the patent for the successful X4 technology to Sörensen. For due cause and beside the successful 2-cilinder technology, the 4-cilinder tail-lifts from Sörensen are being focused upon.  


Sörensen celebrates Trailer Innovation Award

The Sörensen tail-lift with integrated scissor lift was selected amongst more than 80 innovations and was awarded with the "Trailer innovation Award 2015" in the category "components".
This worldwide unique design features a scissor elevator which was integrated into the original device platform, allowing to lift it up to 520 mm above the truck's floor. 

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Lightest 4-cylinder tail-lift with a capacity of 1.500 kg comes from Sörensen.

Sörensen presents the lightest 4-cylinder tail-lift with a capacity of 1.500 kg on the market. With a weight of 285 kg, the X4A 1500 is up to 200 kg lighter than similar products of the the competition - of course with identical performances!

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Aim high - Sörensen tail-lift with integrated scissor lift

With the newly developed X1AH 750SL with integrated sciossor lift, thetail-lift professionals present a unique solution for loading and unloading low vehicles on higher ramps.

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Small lift conceals bigger one

With the folding lift for vans your vehicle will always be loaded well. When the tail-lift is folded the vehicle can be loaded and unloaded normally through the right rear door. Unfolded, the tail-lift converts into a strong partner for heavy goods, roll containers and pallets.

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