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The Sörensen X1 Technology

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    Intelligent 2-cylinder design with spring-loaded lift arm

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    Particularly low dead weight of the tail lifts offers optimum payload advantages

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    Reduction of assemblies reduces failure risks and life cycle costs of the tail lift

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subtitle-ShapeX1 Technology

Sörensen revolutionizes the 2-cylinder tail lift

An intelligent balancing mechanism guarantees that the platform approaches the vehicle floor horizontally even when loaded from one side. By reducing the number of assemblies and using high-quality materials, our X1 tail lifts achieve an unrivaled low dead weight. Another advantage is that the risk of failure and thus the life cycle costs of the tail lift are reduced.


Particularly low dead weight

The innovative design enables unrivaled low system weights without loss of stability or performance.

Intelligent balancing mechanism

A spring-loaded lift arm guarantees a horizontal approach to the vehicle floor even with one-sided loading.

Low life cycle costs

The reduction of assemblies and the use of high-quality components and maintenance-free bearings reduces the life cycle costs of the tail lift.

Sörensen quality

The use of industrially manufactured components of the highest quality guarantees compliance with the demanding Sörensen quality standards.

High power reserves

Static load tests with three times the nominal load prove the stability and high performance reserves of the X1 tail-lifts.

Bracket ball hitch

All X1 tail-lifts can be equipped or retrofitted with the easy-to-mount console ball coupling.

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