Company history

The Sörensen success story



Uwe Sörensen founds the company. Already at this time, the company Sörensen is successful in the hydraulics sector and carries out maintenance work and repairs hydraulic machines and cranes.


Expansion of the range of services

Sale of all-aluminum tail-lifts and steel tail-lifts with aluminum flap with 500kg to 2,000kg load capacity. In addition to the installation of Sörensen tail-lifts, Sörensen’s range of services also includes maintenance and customer service for tail-lifts of all makes and other hydraulic equipment for trucks.


New location in Hamburg-Bergedorf

The performance and service of the Sörensen company are as convincing as the quality of the tail-lifts. Thus, the original company headquarter in the port of Hamburg quickly becomes too small and the growing company moves to the new location at Osterrade 3 in Hamburg-Bergedorf to meet the increasing demand.


Expansion of the company location

The premises in Osterrade also become too small for the successful company. Free capacity on the property will be used to construct another building. Here, in addition to an additional warehouse and an additional office wing, a training center for customers and employees as well as a presentation room for customer demonstrations and in-house trade shows will be built.


Acquisition of the tail-lift manufacturer DanChief

With the takeover of the Danish tail-lift manufacturer DanChief, Sörensen now has its own tail lift production at the new Ulfborg site in Denmark. The Sörensen team will henceforth also be enriched by the leading engineer in the tail-lift industry. With his innovative ideas, Jens Herman Jensen will work out a large number of revolutionary product developments in the following years, which will make numerous patent applications possible.


Introduction of the patented X1 Technology

The innovative technology with spring-mounted lift arm ensures that the Sörensen tail-lift always approaches the loading floor of the vehicle even when the platform is loaded on one side. This patent developed by Sörensen – copied by many but not matched in functionality and stability – thus helped the 2-cylinder tail-lifts achieve a breakthrough throughout Europe.


Expansion of the sales area

The success of Sörensen tail-lifts has long been known beyond the country’s borders. To meet the needs of international customers, the sales area is being expanded to cover the whole of Europe and the USA. France and the USA in particular form important core markets, which are individually and comprehensively supported by the successful sales team.


New Generation

The year is marked by the slogan “New Generation”: After successfully completing her studies in business administration, the daughter of the company’s founder Karina Sörensen joins the company. At the IAA Commercial Vehicles, the Sörensen company is presenting the new generation of payload-optimized tail lifts in the form of the Superlight (SL) series. Customers are thrilled with the payload gains – after all, a tail-lift with a 1,000kg load capacity weighs only 238kg.


Revolutionary 4-cylinder tail-lift

Sörensen revolutionizes the 4-cylinder tail-lift! With the X4 Technology, the new 4-cylinder series of the company Sörensen is presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles. Thanks to its innovative design, Sörensen’s X4 Technology combines the robustness and performance of a 4-cylinder tail-lift with the weight advantages of a 2-cylinder tail-lift. True to the motto “Small flap – a lot behind it”, the new folding tail-lift for vans and panel vans presents itself. The X1A 600F stands folded in the rest position behind the left rear door, allowing loading and unloading even without a tail-lift. With a load capacity of 600kg and a dead weight starting at 195kg, this new development is a flexible partner for every application!


Winning the Trailer Innovation Award

Sörensen wins the Trailer Innovation Award! The unique scissor lift tail-lift from Sörensen was awarded the Trailer Innovation Award by the international jury of experts. The tail-lift with integrated scissor lift system was selected from over 80 innovations and awarded the Innovation Prize. The jury particularly praised the fact that the tail-lift provides a solution for loading and unloading low vehicles on higher ramps. This is becoming more and more common due to the ever-growing distribution traffic and presents drivers with a complicated challenge.


Change in the management

Company founder Uwe Sörensen passes away at the age of 83. The Sörensen company is continued by wife Gudrun Sörensen as partner and the common daughter Karina Sörensen as managing director.