The Sörensen X4 Technology

From now on, lovers of 4-cylinder tail-lifts must not longer resign on Sörensen market values. On the IAA trucks in Hanover, the tail-lift manufacturer presented the brand new 4-cylinder series under the name

The request for Sörensen products is increasing strongly. This is mainly due to the convincing product arguments of Sörensen tail-lifts, which are exemplary for the brand name Sörensen. Through the patented X1 Technology, the Sörensen 2-cylinder tail-lifts always featured an unmatched low weight but offer nevertheless remarkably high power reserves. These product features demand highest quality standards, guaranteed by using only industrial components from european automotive suppliers. Furthermore, each tail-lift type is operated 80.000 times fully charged before it is released for serial production and undergoes constant quality tests and optimisation procedures.

Furthermore, Sörensen customers are very fond of the smooth collaboration with the tail-lift manufacturer, especially in the after-sales field - an excellent supply of high value genuine spare parts, fast order processing and comprehensive service coverage are simply part of a good service for the tail-lift professionals. All these are arguments which inspire thousands of customers day by day and which contribute greatly to the company's success.
In order to reach new customers in the future, the product range, so far consisting exclusively of 2-cylinder tail-lifts, was extended for a presentation during the IAA 2010 in Hannover to the so-called X4-technology. Under that name, and effective immediately, the tail-lift professionals offer 4-cylinder tail-lifts with capacities of 1.000 and 1.500 kg. A product range extention is already planned.
The established Sörensen market values are also to be found on the 4-cylinder tail-lifts: Intelligent designs guarantee payload optimized weights and high stability, highest quality standards and modern technologies ensure exceptional power reserves and low maintenance costs. Furthermore, the design of the X4 products is different from normal 4-cylinder tail-lifts, which brings even more advantages to the customers:

The cylinders are located above each other inside the lifting and the tilting arms, and therefore well protected against shock and maneuvering damages. The space saving design facilitates the rear light mounting and provides more space for eventual trailer operations. Through the so-called in line design, a lot of the torsion and bending forces occuring on conventional tail-lifts simply disappear, allowing to use less material without stability or power loss. This patent pending design ensures, along with the use of high quality materials, that the Sörensen X4 tail-lifts feature an unmatched low weight with exceptional power reserves. This is why the 4 cylinder tail-lift with a capacity of 1.000 kg weighs only about 253 kg and its "big brother" with a capacity of 1.500 kg only 325 kg - representing a payload advantage of up to 200 kg compared to products of the competition. The loading distance of 1.000 mm proves furthermore how tough the X4A 1500 is. This variety of advantages inspired also the numerous visitors of the Sörensen stand on the IAA trucks 2010 in Hannover. The visitors described the X4 products as "first class in system weight", praised the "excellent and robust manufacturing" and were amazed by the "intelligent design".

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All advantages of the successfull X4 Technology at one glance:
The cylinders are encased into the lifting and closing arms for máximum protection against maneuvering damages
More space for rear lights and license plate
A special nitrate coating protects the cylinders from corrosion
The innovative design enables a spectacular weight loss, without losing performance or stability
Low amount of components, industrially manufactured for a constant high quality