Light and flexible: The X4A 1501

After introducing the Euro-6, the topic payload optimization is been focused on more than ever. Every single kilo that is saved counts. Thanks to our successful X1-technology, the brand Sörensen stands for payload optimization like no other in the segment of two-cylinder tail lifts. With the recently patented X4-technology, we can now also achieve a great weight advantage for our clients in the 4-cylinder segment!

The lightest 4-cylinder tail-lift with a capacity of 1.500 kg!

The X4A 1501 weighs only 285 kg (standard platform with a height of 1.800 mm) and a load distance of 750 mm. This achieves a payload advantage of up to 200 kg compared to products of the competition.
This unbeatable weight advantage is reached through the use of highly modern components and the original Sörensen X4-Technology. The intelligent design outstands especially by not using an axle body and through the fact that the cylinders are placed above each other inside the lifting and tilting arms. Besides the weight savings, we achieve also much more room for trailer coupling systems and better protection against manoeuvering damages.

Fast delivery through modular manufacturing

A new flexibility is reached for the body builders through a modular manufacturing of the lifting mechanism. In order to match our customer's wishes for short delivery times, these tail-lifts are often kept in stock. When ordered, we simply add the vehicle specific pre-drilled mounting brackets and the tail lift can be assembled onto the vehicle. This innovation shortens the delivery time for the final user and reduces the stock value of the body builders.


All product advantages at one glance:

4-cylinder tail-lift with a capacity of 1.500 kg and an unbeatable low weight of only 285 kg
Payload advantage of up to 200 kg compared to similar products of the competition. 
Fast delivery through modular manufacturing
Load distance of 750 mm


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 Product information X4A 1501

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