Foldable: X1A 600F

Super light and super strong

Foldable and payload optimized tail-lift with free access to the right rear door

Super-flat control panel (5mm) enables ergonomic operation as it can be mounted directly onto the vehicle’s body

Extremely high ground clearance – important when crossing bumps or sidewalks !

Tow-ball assembly can be mounted easily (can also be retro-fitted)


For more information, please click on following links:

 Product information X1A 0600F





It can’t be made easier:

No cutting or welding operations are necessary for the assembly of model X1A 0600F. Therefore, this Sörensen tail-lift can be mounted by trained personnel in about 4 hours. For more information, please refer to our assembly instructions sheet. 

 Assembly instructions X1A 0600F




Operate your X1A 0600F easily with the 5 mm thin control panel. It can be mounted at chest height, to avoid annoying bending over when operating the tail-lift. See for yourselves by consulting our operating instructions sheet for the X1A 0600F.

 Operating instructions  X1A 0600F

The new generation of tail-lift controls

Learn more about the unique control panel for Sörensen tail-lifts. All plus points are available by clicking on the following link :

 Plus-point accessories : The Sörensen control panel