Standard: X1A 600E

Super-light and super-strong

Its ultra-light weight –a mere 146 kg- and its capacity of 600 kg ensure great payload advantages.

A super-thin control panel (5 mm) enables an ergonomic operation of your tail-lift, as it can be mounted directly onto the vehicle body.

Fast and easy assembly, without welding or cutting operations on the vehicle.

Extremely high ground clearance, important when crossing sidewalks or speed bumps!

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 Product information X1A 0600E





It can’t be made easier:

No cutting or welding operations are necessary for the assembly of model X1A 0600E. Therefore, this Sörensen tail-lift can be mounted by trained personnel in about 4 hours. For more information, please refer to our assembly instructions sheet. 

 Assembly instructions X1A 0600E




Operate your X1A 0600E easily with the 5 mm thin control panel. It can be mounted at chest height, to avoid annoying bending over when operating the tail-lift. See for yourselves by consulting our operating instructions sheet for the X1A 0600E.

 Operating instructions X1A 0600E 

The new generation of tail-lift controls

Learn more about the unique control panel for Sörensen tail-lifts. All plus points are available by clicking on the following link:

 Plus-point accessories : The Sörensen control panel